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yeoffer.com – Buy Kids Varieties Piano Musical Toy with 2 Mallets for Children Toddlers from shop in Pimple Saudagar



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Company / Brand Name : Kids Varieties

Model Name / Number : Kids Varieties Piano Musical Toy with 2 Mallets for Children Toddlers

Type : Music-Player

This will probably be your child's first musical toy-The Happy Xylophone with Piano.The Bright Bold Colors will attract your child and it will give out crisp sounds when pressed.They can pick up the pair of mallets and strike the xylophone bars to create sweet musical notes.The Piano keys can also produce sweet notes when pressed with hands.This musical toy is made with 100% Non-Toxic material and is safe for your child to handle with bare hands. Suitable for 3 years and above, this is sure to bring joy to your child and the entire family.

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Contact Details Of Seller

Seller Name: Ramesh Choudhary
Email-Id: choudharyramesh173@gmail
Mobile: +91-9850348387

Shop Details

Shop Name: Kids Varieties
Contact No.: 9850348387
Address: shop no 9 Sai vision building, Kunal ikon road, Pimple Saudagar, Near HDFC bank.
Area: Pimple Saudagar
City: Pune
Postal code: 411027

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