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yeoffer.com – Buy Lord Ganesha Performing Shiva Pooja with 2 Rats Showpiece from shop in Anandnagar



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Company / Brand Name : Unique Gifts & Novelties

Model Name / Number : Lord Ganesha Performing Shiva Pooja with 2 Rats Showpiece

Bring home this beautiful showpiece from eCraftIndia where lord Ganesha along with two rats is worshiping his father, lord Shiva. Elegantly crafted and intricately designed, this showpiece is a class apart. Place it in your living room or at your entrance hallway and bring home success and drive away negative energy. The lord of success and the destroyer of evils, Ganesha is believed to bring home good luck

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Contact Details Of Seller

Seller Name: Mehul Doshi
Email-Id: mehulbmt@gmail.com
Mobile: +91-9422021595

Shop Details

Shop Name: Unique Gifts & Novelties
Contact No.: 9422021595
Address: Anandnagar, Bhigvan Road ,Baramati-413102
Area: Anandnagar
City: Baramati
Postal code: 412102

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